Lou has over 20 years of professional software development experience.  He has worked in a wide range of industries including financial, education, military, and gaming. His technical skills are equally varied, from back-end services for MMO games to front end GUI development. Lou has also worked on several high profile online games, including Strike-a-Match from Boxerjam, The Sims Online from Maxis and Wild West Online: Gunfighter from Tenderfoot Games. When not coding away at some project, you can probably find Lou outside tossing around heavy kettlebells, or playing disc golf.
Allen has an extensive background in sound. Allen has composed, performed, recorded, mixed, produced, and written about music for most of his life. He has worked in a wide variety of environments including recording studios, concert venues, theater, live tv, and movies. His fascination for the specific characteristics and unique traits of individual sounds began when his parents would purchase him a new musical instrument each Christmas. He thrives on the challenge of being given a musical or audio puzzle to solve. When he is not doing music, he is doing other music.
Bryan is a spectacular beerci (the unholy marriage of beer and bocce) player and the best dude ever to have on your side if you're ever trapped in a curling match with rogue Canadians. He enjoys long walks on the beach and wintergreen lifesavers and generally prefers to ask the question 'Why?' over the equally relevant question, ''Why not?'... Bryan sometimes gets recognized from his Playgirl days where he was across a menthol cigarette ad from Burt Reynolds. Last we checked, Bryan was attempting to circumnavigate the globe on a bamboo raft using only Katy Perry's bra as a sail. We hope he will return safe and soon.