Meet Robert “Ike” Eisenbraun, a scientist for the Space Energy Agency (S.E.A.). The inventor of ABE -- an Amalgamate Biological Enhancement bio-chip hard-wired into his brain. Ike must quickly plot a course up the cliff face, avoiding confusion, falling rocks, fatigue, and attacking giant bats while tidal waves relentlessly pound at his heels, each wall of water bigger than the last... reaching higher up the cliff face. Ike has only seconds to make each and every decision and advance higher or he will succumb to these monstrous waves. Waiting for him at the summit is salvation – and ABE’s shocking reveal about what happened to Earth during Ike’s cryogenic sleep.

Do you have what it takes to vanquish your ego and conquer your fear? Can you get Ike to the top before the waves overtake him? If not, all is lost. The future of man’s continued existence depends on you!

Based on N.Y. Times best-selling author, Steve Alten’s mind-blowing new thriller, The Omega Project (TOR books - August 2013) comes The Omega Project: High Tide; an imaginative new app created by the high-tech wizardry of Studio332. The Omega Project: High Tide combines the cinematic adventure of a summer blockbuster movie with a revolutionary new and inventive game playing interface that involves strategy, chance, and split second action. Conquer the app; then read the novel to see what happens next!